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Revamping a Winter Sports Game,Online and In Retail

When SuperDeker needed help transforming their business, they turned to us for a go to market strategy redesign. 


- Customer Experience Strategy 

- Online Experience Design Service 

- Content Creation & Copywriting 

- Online Community 

- Online Commerce 

- Growth Capital 

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We are in a digital age, with online retail sales meeting the demands of an ever changing customer behavior. 

SuperDeker was deployed in the US and Canadian markets with large retailers. The contracts weren't conducive to growth, yet the real opportunity sat untapped and unavailable because of the upfront capital requirements and lack of talent.

Today, with a 10x growth target, SuperDeker has a line of sight to their goal, and a 5X ebitda target in under 24 months. Commerce drove the customer acquisition costs down by 30% and revenues have continued to grow YoY by 200%. 

Personalized Content

Forrester reported in the 2016 WAVE report that every piece of content produced by retailers fell short, as customers are looking for nine more. 

SuperDeker started to develop an omni-channel marketing campaign. With deep roots established across social media platforms, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook - overnight our team was able to make SuperDeker the #1 Hockey Brand engaging with todays youth. 

No other hockey brand today can compare to our online community of thousands of players uploading video content of themselves playing with our games. 

Community Support

Jim Cramer calls the financial shots for investors world wide,. and in an interview with now Bill McDermott, CEO of ServiceNow, he pointed to what we call the death of retails CX strategy. 

Findng content on the reasons for retail to embrace an omni-channel customer engagement strategy is not hard to do these days. Analysts from Forrester, Gartner and the like support the evolving digital customer journey. 

What makes SuperDeker unique is execution. Our Community Support strategy pushes every possible opportunity for customer success through our SLA's. We combine both the physical and online experience like no other company can. 


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